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Kendall County County Court Cases

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About the County: Kendall County, Illinois was founded in 1841. The county was named after Amos Kendall (1789–1869), United States Postmaster General under Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. The Kendall County court complex is located in the county seat city of Yorkville.Formed from portions of LaSalle and Kane County, the county has a reported population of 114736 residents and comprises a total area of 321 square miles within the state of Illinois. In 2016, there was a reported unemployement rate of 8.7% in Kendall County. A total of 47597 tax returns were filed in 2015.

Kendall County Crime Case Data

The following cases of crime were recorded in the county in 2015:

  • Homicide/Murder: 0
  • Sexual Assault/Rape: 36
  • Battery & Assault: 42
  • Burglary: 165
  • Theft: 1030
  • Vehicle Theft: 30
  • Arson 4
  • Drug-Related Cases / Offenses: 513

Kendall County Civil Cases

In 2013, the county processed at total of 429 marriages, and 384 divorce cases.

Kendall County Court Case Search


Kendall County, Illinois, provides online access to a range of case information through its court’s website, offering a convenient way for the public to access court records and track cases. The online system allows users to search for case information using various criteria, providing access to case details, court schedules, and other relevant information.

To access case information online in Kendall County, Illinois, users can visit the official website of the Kendall County Circuit Clerk’s Office. On the website, there is typically a section dedicated to court records or case search. Users can click on this section to access the online case search portal.

Once on the case search portal, users can search for case information using different search criteria. Common search options i

nclude case number, party name, attorney name, and case type. Users can enter the relevant information into the search fields and click on the search button to retrieve the case information.

The search results will typically display a list of cases that match the search criteria. Each case listing will include basic information such as the case number, parties involved, and case type. Users can click on a specific case to view more detailed information.

For each case, users can view the case docket, which is a chronological record of all events and filings related to the case. The docket will include information such as court dates, motions, orders, and other case-related documents. Users can click on the documents to view or download them.

In addition to case information, the online system may also provide access to court schedules and calendars. Users can view upcoming court dates and hearings, search for specific dates or judges, and access other relevant court information.

Overall, the Kendall County, Illinois, court’s online case search system provides a convenient and efficient way for the public to access case information and track court cases. By offering online access to case records, the court enhances transparency and accessibility in the legal process, benefiting both legal professionals and the general public.

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