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Sierra County, California is a suburban county established in 1852. The county court complex is located in the county seat city of Downieville. The county was named after the Spanish word “Sierra,” meaning “mountain range” (a reference to the area’s topography). Originally formed from Yuba county, Sierra County makes up 953 square miles of California territory (with 495.78 miles of public roadway). A recent census estimate indicates that there are approximately 2967 residents in the county. The median household income in 2015 was reported to be $45943. In December 2016, the county had a reported unemployement rate of 7.2% (the county employed 2119 people in 2015).

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In 2014, in Sierra County, there were a total of 11 violent crimes reported. 29 property-related crimes were also reported the same year. The county spent $80450103 on crime-related prevention and protection services attributed to the Sheriff’s office, county jail, and other related services.