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Maricopa County, Arizona Court Cases

Use the Maricopa County court case search system to find your case information online.  If you need to look-up a pending case in the Phoenix area, your case is most-likely being handled in Maricopa County.

Maricopa-county-courthouseAfter completing a brief verification form, you can continue on to an online querying tool.  Case details included in the online case system include both criminal and civil cases.

Case Search

Details recorded in the system include:

  • Plaintiff and defense lawyer information
  • Divorce case actions and hearings
  • Court docket and hearings schedule
  • Court room assignments and locations
  • Case contacts

About Maricopa County Case Lookup

Maricopa County is the most populous county in Arizona and handles thousands of cases annually.  This online, self-service, system has been made available to the public due to the excessive county case load.  Case look-up could be delayed during times of heavy traffic.

Maricopa County, Arizona consists of an area of 9200.14 miles.  The 2014 official population estimate is 4087191 (or 444 people per mile).  The county seat is located in Phoenix.

Partly out of necessity, due to the high-volume of cases processed, the county clearly embraces technology.  In addition to the online case lookup systems available to county residents, the county also leverages E-Courtroom technology to expedite the processing of cases:

Studies have found that high-tech court proceedings can cut trial time for a civil case by 25 percent. Prior to the use of high tech courtrooms, litigants were limited to presenting evidence by displaying sketches, photographs and case documents on easels or by passing them to jurors to view individually. The new technology allows lawyers to use laptops and a touch screen computer to simultaneously display and annotate evidence on the monitors in the jury box and around the courtroom. It is an easier, more effective way to litigate a case.

Proceedings in E-Courtrooms are recorded. The audio/video recording technology creates a verbatim record without the use of a court reporter. Copies of the proceedings are available on videotape or a CD.

E-Courtroom technology opens the justice system and trial proceedings instantaneously and globally outside the courthouse. In the future, some trials may be broadcast over the Internet.

Online Court Self-Service Resources

Maricopa County offers a comprehensive online resource of self-service legal information and tools to assist you with your legal needs.  In addition to general information, frequently asked questions, and forms, this page provides several videos that provide detailed instructions to help point you in the right direction.  Resources are provided in both English and Spanish languages.

“With pride and integrity, we provide equal access to justice, professional and impartial treatment, and the fair and timely resolution of all court matters.”

More About the Court System

The Phoenix Municipal Court is Arizona’s largest limited-jurisdiction court; one of the 10 busiest municipal courts in the United States. The court system handles cases ranging from minor traffic violations to Class-1 misdemeanors with a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. The court system processes approximately 250,000 charges each year, of which nearly 80,000 are criminal charges.

For more Superior Court information, please visit the county’s website, here.

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