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Isabella County Court Cases.

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Isabella County was established in 1831. The county was originally formed from part of Mackinac County and unorganized territory. Isabella County was named after Queen Isabella I (1451-1504) of Spain, under whose patronage Columbus undertook his voyages.. The county has a total of 70311 residents, and makes up an area of 578 square miles. The county seat is in the city of Mt. Pleasant.In 2016, the county reported a total of 2555 automobile crashes (of which 64 were alcohol-related).

Civil Case Reports & Related Data

Last year, there were a total of 311 marriages processed by the county. There were 154 divorce cases processed by the county court system.

Criminal Cases Reported in Isabella County

In 2013, the following criminal case counts were reported in Isabella County:

  • Violent Crimes: 129
  • Murder & Manslaughter: 0
  • Rape: 19
  • Robbery: 7
  • Aggrevated Assault:
  • Property Crime: 398
  • Burglary: 113
  • Larceny & Theft: 268
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 17
  • Arson: 4