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Phone: 325-235-2353

Address: 100 E Third, Sweetwater, Texas, 79556

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Fisher County Court Cases

Find Fisher County court case information. Lookup your case detail via the Fisher County case website. Fisher County Texas was established in 1876. The county was once part of Bexar County. The county was named after Samuel Rhoads Fisher (1794-1839), a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and secretary of the Navy under the Republic of Texas, Fisher County covers an area of 901 square miles and has a reported population of 3974. The county seat and court are located in the city of Roby, Texas.

Crime & Case Details for Fisher County

For 2016, the following crime related statistics were reported in the county:

  • DWI & Alcohol-Related Driving Deaths: 3
  • Violent Crime Cases: 11
  • Murder / Homicide Rate (per 100k residents):

For the felony cases tried in the county last year (2016), here’s how the defendants were sentenced:

  • Prison: 2
  • Texas State Jail: 1
  • County Jail: 2
  • Probation Time: 5
  • Fines Only: 0

Fisher County Court Case Volume

As of August 2016, the county had the following active-pending caseload volume:

  • Civil Cases: 173
  • Family Relations Cases: 0
  • Juvenile Cases: 0
  • Criminal Cases: 44
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