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Los Angeles County Court Cases


Find Los Angeles County court case information online via the Los Angeles Superior Court website.  The Los Angeles County online case system, “LA Court Online” provides visitors with a set of comprehensive case searching tools.  The county is the most-populous county in the United States so self-service is a must.  Case lookup options include:

los-angeles-county-court-onlineCriminal Cases
A criminal defendant index that allows users to search for defendents in criminal cases anywhere in Los Angeles county.

Civil Cases
Use this system option to find civil, family law, probate, and small claims court cases in Los Angeles County.

Civil Case Documents Online
Access civil case documents and files.  Lookup case documents using names and/or case numbers.

Traffic Tickets
This option allows you to manage your traffic ticket case online.  You have the option to pay fines and more…

Small Claims Filings
Complete this online filing form to initiate and submit your small claims case.

Divorce Documents
Scanned copies of divorce case documents are accessible using this tool.

Select the appropriate search option to find your case information.  Not all searches on the Los Angeles County courts website are free.  Some of the search options require visitors to pay a per-search fee of $4.75.  The pricing for searches decreases with a higher volume of searches.

Los Angeles County is the most-populous county in the United States.  There are nearly fifty court locations throughout the county; a list of the court locations can be found here.


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