: Case Lookup

Address: 505 N County Farm Rd, Wheaton, IL 60187

DuPage County Court Case Search

Find your DuPage County court case information online via the proprietary online court case system available at DuPageCase.com.  The DuPage Case search system is available to individuals with existing and prior court cases in DuPage County.  The online case system is maintained by the Office of Clerk of the Circuit Court (Chris Kachiroubas).

DuPageCase.com Features

The online case database can be used to review scheduled court dates, actions taken, and case history.  Services available include:

  • Traffic ticket payment
  • Divorce case
  • Attorney information and assignment
  • Court costs and fees payment
  • Change of address requests
  • Court docket and status review

** Please note that DuPageCase.com is not available for general case research purposes.

The DuPage County Court and Municipal Center is located in Wheaton, Illinois at 505 N. County Farm Road (just north of Manchester Road).  Additional field and traffic courts locations can be found here.